Climatestrike Url Shortener

Our internal service to shorten / alias Urls

What does this mean?

If you click on a<something> link it will forward you to another website/document or any other link.

What problem does this solve?

When you see this link, it is hard to see where it points or from whom it comes.

But with this link you instantly know where it could point and you see that it is from us.

Our link:

And even one more

We can change the url that our link redirects to while not breaking all the shared links

Privacy Policy and Info

For normal users:

- It's simple, we don't collect any of your data.

For admins:

- We store a cookie with a jwt token on you device, this is needed to authenticate you.
- We save you username and a securely hashed version of your password in our database.
- We also store the urls and aliases needed to redirect users in our database.


- We host our database on amazons aws in frankfurt.
- This site and our servie is hosted with zeit now.
- If you want to further look into this project or contribute, then visit our repository on gitlab.

More questions?

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.